Namibia a new identity: The NATION OF LETTERS

Namiba a nation of letters-01

After 25 years of independence it is time to proclaim the real identity of Namibia. A unbelievably peaceful and clean country, with breathtaking scenery and magnificent landscapes, Namibia has finally turned 25 years old.

The name derived from the Namib Desert, Namibia embodies the uniqueness of the Namib Desert’s miraculous life support from the fog which waters the living organisms of the desert.

Being a faith filled country, Namibia still enjoys the promises of God which flows from the obedience of our forefathers and mothers who served God through prayers, behaviour, the rejection of witchcraft and practice of tithing.

The liberation struggle began long before 26 August or the 10th of December, which marked the use of strong arms, and physical actions. It began with the word, in which all was created and which can bring about change without the lose of lives, and  letters, which were sent to the League of Nations which eventually became the UN.

And, that is who we are, intelligent enough not lot shed blood nor vandalise in order of our voices or opinions to be heard. We write it, we text it, we express ourselves through words.

For we are the Nation of Letters.


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