PriDegree Design Studio corporate identity

PriDegree Design Studio Branding 2

Swiss Style.

Last year I entered the ADAA [ Adobe Design Achievement Awards ], I did not make it. Fortunately, I also applied for mentorship program and was chosen by Rachel Tribout. Great designer love her work. After evaluating my profolio, she suggested that I create a more cleaner look. As I designer I understood from where she was coming from, but as a business man, I knew that PriDegree Design as a brand has already had an impact on several people and changing the brand would just confuse them –  and I did not want that. In addition, potential clients won’t understand the clean-straight look. You know, people do not see as designers do. Nevertheless, I had to find a way to serve both parties. So, I left PriDegree Design to remain as it is and came with a new body that resembled a more cleaner or designer oriented look.

During the first week of April, we had the whole week off, but due to the amount of work we had I decided to go to school. For Drawing brief 3 we were expected to design a business model including all the collateral that comes with it. So I had to design the corporate Identity for PriDegree Design Studio. WIth the help of our head of design, I was able to come up with a coherent and clean design.  The whole design adheres to the grid system where all the elements are align perfectly just as the Swiss Style.


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