Sony 2000 advert

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For the second brief of 3D animation we were required to design and produce a television advertisement for a piece of technology that we wanted in the year 2000. The advertisement will be run in South Africa only, therefore we could define our target market within the borders of South Africa. We were expected to do some research into a more select target market. The advertisement must be 30 seconds in length. It cannot be any longer or shorter.

After I decided on the SONY walkman, which I really wanted in the early 2000s. I began researching images for SONY walkman from the year 2000. The first scene starts off with a top view of  two earphones moving towards both the tracker and the connector. Thereafter, the body is slowly emerges in slow motion reviling the SONY name. The next scene starts again from the earphones, but this time showing the walkman and its peripherals from the side view. Then, suddenly the angle changes and the walkman from a diagonal angle. Then the camera moves back revealing the connector being plugin the tracker.

Suddenly, the earphones come to life. Yet, it appears as if they are trying to get away from the wires. Than the wires become alive as well and begin chasing after the earphones as if saying, “give me love”. In the end the earphones give in, implying that Sony walkman “brings you closer” to your love one. Initially, I wanted to have the earphones dance as “cobra” snakes,  but during the course of time I realised that I could not animate the wires as I wanted. I was running out of time and had to come up with a solution fast. I decided on animating them separately and just bring them together in the end.  From the Sony Xperia Z3 advert I took the first part of the slogan: bring you closer this christmas.

Since it is aim at a South African audience I wanted to create  “evening on the streets” type of mood, just after the lights have gone on. The light moves accordingly with the camera. I thought of using South African  African native music; but thought of all the other cultures in South Africa, so I went for Ed Sheeran “give me love”. I started with the “harsh” part of the music to demonstrate a loud South Africa. In addition “give me love” is similar to the other Sony Adverts song choice.

Watch the video: Sony Advert 2000

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