The Terminator movie sequence

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 1.03.46 PM
Terminator (c) PriDegree Design Studio 2015

For the third brief of Broadcast we were expected to design a movie opening sequence for a movie from the 1980s. The movie opening sequences must incorporates features from the original movie as to provide hints to the audience of what they can expect. In addition, all the names of cast of the originals movie must be included.


The BKDS MOVIES logo appears in motion sequence. Once the motion sequence completes, the logo is swooped to the left. Followed by the first robotic sequence frame. In the frame the original feature movie plays as a clip. All the cast follow in the similar manner. Thereafter, a transition happens where the frames begin to move from the left to right at a perspective angle, rather than right to left. Toward the end all the movie clips turn in an illustrative style black and red frame.

Target market:

Audience older than 12 years old to 100 years old. The movie opening sequence will be most appealing to an older audience since it was a 1984 movie.


I made use of the “robotic frames” to give the sense of robots spying on people. Another reason is that, this idea aligns with the storyline: where Kyle (Michael Brehn) comes from the future filled with intelligent robots, which were plotting on how to eliminate John Connor for good, by eradicating him from the face of existence through killing his mother Sarah Connor in the past.

I made use of the blue to maintain balance between the old movie clips and the modern typefaces. In addition, the brief specified that high quality components should be used when compiling this project. I was only able to get a small resolution ( 854 x 462)  movie video, while the output video should be 1280 x 720. Therefore, placing the movies in a frames, was the most successful solution.

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