Modeposmo – a design movement

Modeposmo Logo 2-02

A design movement that originated in Namibia, after Bennardo Santos, then the creative director of PriDegree Design Studio, wrote the manifesto in 2015.

A design movement which is a hybrid of Modernism and Postmodernism, which emphasise on one of the grand narratives of modernism: “the absolute truth”.

The Absolute Truth

Modeposmo maintains that the Absolute Truth exists, unlike Eurocentrism, that need to degrade “the Other” in order for it to establish, itself as superior and glorious. The Absolute Truth is arbotian meaning it does not depend on the the absolute lie in order to establish itself.

One of the aspects that corrupted the absolute truth mentioned, and known, as one of the grand narratives of the Modernism was the inability of man to understand the real Absolute Truth.

Even though it was referred to as one of the grand narratives of Modernism, it was not the Absolute Truth. Since the one mentioned in Modernism was a lie.  A lie devices to manipulate, and oppress those that were considered to be “the Other”.

One of the masks which of the Modernist absolute truth used is Religion. Religion, the “holy lie” and the  Modernist “absolute truth” is a way in which human beings have concorded, after failing to obey God in the right way. Religion in itself is a mixture; neither God’s and neither the devils, but  an in-between.  A meeting point that satisfies both humans and the devil; where man took the true concepts of God, added some human weakness and added some concept of the devil,  blended them together and presented it as God’s way to the rest of the world. Religion is not Jesus, and Jesus is not religion.

Over the ages Religion is not the only diluted concept, other concepts which were once part of the Absolute Truth that have been diluted, in order to meet the needs of man.

The Justice system for example. How many innocent people has it condemn and how many more are yet to be condemned.

The Absolute Truth is a truth that can be used across all levels.

Whereas Postmodernism critiques and rejects the grand narratives of Modernism, and maintains that there is no truth. As “truth” can be used across all peoples, as they are diverse and everyone sees the “truth” from their own perspective. Therefore, what is “truth” to one person, might not be necessarily “truth” for another.

Yet, the Absolute Truth is universal, it  can be used in any situation, on anybody, regardless from which perspective they see things.

The Absolute Truth is alive and can be trusted, even when it seems as if it is not applicable, nor functionable. Even when all hope is lost.

The Absolute Truth can be trusted,  when things do not go as one expected, one can always blame the Absolute Truth, as it has the ability to defend itself. Even if for a certain period of time, all things seemed lost, due to following or trusting in the Absolute Truth; there will come a time when everything will unfold, and be explained, to as to why it happened.

The Absolute Truth is the basis of Modeposmo.

Modeposmo maintains that one should identify a base or foundation on which all the other things can be built upon. With Postmodernism came liberation, but that liberation came with a price – confusion.  Once a human being is confused they can be easily manipulated.


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