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One of the design related guild I know of is the Art Workers Guild recorded in Purvis’ History of Graphic Design during the Arts and Crafts movement the roughly span between the 1880 – 1910.

“In 1884, the Art Workers Guild was initiated by five young architects, William Lethaby, Edward Prior, Ernest Newton, Mervyn Macartney and Gerald C. Horsley, with the goal of bringing together fine and applied arts and raising the status of the latter. It was directed originally by George Blackall Simonds. By 1890 the Guild had 150 members, representing the increasing number of practitioners of the Arts and Crafts style. It still exists”.

Guild of Namibian Graphic Designers -04

Gunagrad is the Guild of Namibian Graphic Designers


 A guild is an organisation of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

Gunagrad is provides a platform where Namibian Graphic Designers can voice their options on any matter whether positive or negative with the aim to liberate oneself or other designers.

Gunagrad will implement strategies to improve the Namibian graphic design industry as well as the lives of the graphic designers. While promoting good design practice.

Gunagrad will discuss the future of the Nambian graphic design industry, and set up workshops in association with Ndampa to invest in the young generation.

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