From the Kingdom of Illustrations

Jay from The Littlest Racer


For the past few months, we, at PriDegree Designs Studio have been redefining the channels of our services to better cater for our clients and customers. Where, Bennardo Santos Designs has been rebranded as “The Kingdom of Illustrations”. Since the establishment of, more story writers have sign up for our services and we had to create a platform for easy access and interaction. From the writers and companies we have worked with so far, the most memorable are the illustrations made for Brown Cow Books.

The giant mushroom from Ollie the Brave
Lottie and the metal bird from When Anna met Lottie
Ollie in the Bohemian Forest from Ollie the Brave

This is not the only style that Bennardo Santos Designs can illustrate. To contact him follow the this link: Contact Bennardo, with the specification of your style, story (script) and deadline.

For more affordable pricing option contact:

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