PriDegree Kingdoms

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PriDegree Design is always finding new ways to solve your problems and provide you with the best design solution be it digital or printed.

In July PriDegree introduced the PriDegree Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Animation, the Kingdom of Web Design, the Kingdom of Corporate Identity and the Kingdom of Illustrations. The different Kingdoms will still be located to the original trademarks. So, do not worry you can still find your way to the different services, and your accounts are still as they were.

Below is the allocation of the different kindgoms to their respective trademarks.



With the Kingdom Concept, comes an upgrade to our terms and conditions, PriDegree thus introduced the kingdom fee. According to PriDegree Rules you are now required to pay a Kingdom fee – a small, fixed-price engagement fee that delivers a small amount of value to you – the client, while preparing you to invest in a much larger engagement. In other words, before PriDegree starts finding out more about your project you will need to pay a fee for the time spent on consultations. The Kingdom fee varies in percentage according to the project, ranging from 5% to 25%. The Kingdom fee also determine whether the client is committed to the project or not. NB: This is not the deposit.

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