An update on PriDegree Projects

Next month we have 5 projects lined up.

  1. Reviving Omazimo
  2. Water Water Day
  3. PriDegree Logos
  4. Bp Santos  Chronicles and  I will find her
  5. Ama Digiafropreneur
  1. Reviving Omazimo


Omazimo is one of BKDS oldest R-generation trademarks. Designed and created in 2009, Omazimo was mainly for a comic which Bennardo had created to celebrate African stories and the Namibian Oshiwambo culture; especially Aangandjera. The first comic was centred around Nduka and Kanzingona, two love birds from different families (Omazimo), who went through difficult trials and tribulations, involving magic, lies and deception in order to prove their love for one another. Over the years Omazimo has been dorment, and this year following release of the this year’s theme: The Year of Fulfillment, most of BKDS projects will be completed. Omazimo was one of them. Next month Tate Kulu’s Tales (a sub-trademark of Omazimo created in 2011) will be revived, with The Three Golden Seeds and The Legend of the Fire Torch.

2. World Water Day


Following Namibia’s water crisis, the National Water Committee has commissioned Bennardo to create the World Water Day Poster. Since World Wetlands Day will be on the 2nd of February 2017. The Committee has decided to combine the two under the theme:

“Healthy wetlands and innovative water and wastewater management for enhanced livelihoods”.

3.PriDegree Logos


The PriDegree logo website is due to be finished next month.

4. Bp Santos  Chronicles and  I will find her


Bp Santos Chronicles narrates relatable, impactful and meaningful stories of real christian people. It aims to encourage, both mature and newly born again christians, in different scenarios.

I WILL FIND HER is about a christian guy who had just complete the first to steps of his life, as he puts: “there are four main steps in one’s life which should be followed chronologically in for the perfect life. Education, career, love and marriage”.  I WILL FIND HER explores the challenges one goes through to find the woman for you, the woman from God. And, this is exactly what Armando got wrong, he got so desperate that he forgot that, it is God that can give you truly – the one.

 5. Ama Digiafropreneur


AmaDigiafropreneur – (I am a Digiafropreneur) an expression of  true African Designs by Africans. The aim for this research is to find out what challenges contemporary Africans and African Diasporas are facing, in terms of their creative practice, and provide practical, meaningful and bottom-up solutions.

More information on Amadigiafropreneur can be found at: It is still under construction, nevertheless it should be able to provide you an idea of what I want to achieve.  If you are interested and meet the criteria (

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