Logo design process: LDP



The two originals from the client. I tried to remain with the script font to maintain the previous look,  but designed a brown version to match the brown interior.

PriDegree_Linda's DP_Logo 1

However, I  made another blue version just in case the client wanted something similar to what they already had.


Providing a similar logo to the original, is a trick I learned while freelancing at DesignCrowd, it is not always that clients want something completely new. This scenario occurs for number of reasons:

  1. The brand might be well known, that if you change it too much it will result in confusion or losing the current clientele.
  2. The client might not have the time nor the necessary programs to do the face lift.


Results: The client liked it and guess what, he chose the blue one.

And another trick was to use a mock-up in order to provide to client the physical or “reality representation”. I was taught this by Rachel Tribout, when she was my mentor for 2014 Icograda-ADAA Portfolio review.

More instructions:  The client did not like the double lines around the Dutch Pancakes.


So, I provided this variations for him to choose from. He was not too fond of the colour either; he wanted it a little lighter (similar to the original logo).


So, I provided two versions of blue, just to give him the choice. And, guess which one he took? Yes, the one on the left! (The closer to the original logo, the merrier).

Results: He finally chose number 6, and wanted it more enlarged. If you cannot watermark it (since some online design platforms do not allow for this) than provide a low definition image. Otherwise, why would they need to pay you, if they can just make a a copy of your image? To either use it as it is or take it to a cheaper designer.
So: Never give a client an unwatermarked design or high definition image during the design process. 

PriDegree_Linda's DP_Logo_Final2-01

This was the last version.

PriDegree_Linda's DP logo Final2-01

Unfortunately, the client spend a while without responding so, I sent through another version, with the syrup much thicker and adding a small apron mock up (always use them suitable items according to kind of business).

That was the winning design!


Next week: The business card design process. You are going to love this one. Don’t miss out, click on the follow button!


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