Bennardo Santos a brand

For the past few weeks I have been working on Brand of Bennardo Santos.

Bennardo Santos is the founder and managing director of PriDegree Designs Studios. Over the years, he worked heavily to build the PriDegree brand – it is successful. However, in the long run, PriDegree became known as the red square with the Pri and Degree dot, while forgetting the designer behind the work.

PriDegree Design Studio Logo-03
PriDegree logo

For this project I wanted to combine both the traditional medium and the digital. Therefore, I decided on a coffee painting. I was first introduced to coffee paintings during my first year in 2013. The first painting I  made was an exact copy of Vincent can Gogh. It has been a while since I painted with coffee therefore I made one.

Bennardo Santos
Bennardo Santos Self Portrait 2017 – Medium coffee

The challenge was creating a product that incorporated the hand crafted product with the digital. Therefore, I decided on a booklet, that could either be printed or downloaded from the website. The theme of the entire branding will be Bennardo Santos the face behind it all. To reveal the designer behind PriDegree designs.

There were different ideas on how to clearly express the Bennardian Brand which included Afropolitanism, the Swiss Design Style and the New School of Design. Nevertheless, the Emperor was the most effective as it incapsulates everything that Bennardo is and it did not draw from previous movements, but created a movement on it’s own.

The new brand aims to reveal the face behind, the designs while still remaining true to the PriDegree Kingdoms.

BennardoSantos Stripes47BennardoSantos Stripes48BennardoSantos Stripes49BennardoSantos Stripes410

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