The Jack of All trades, Master of Some

“The Jack of All trades, Master of Some” has been a phrase to define PriDegree as long as I can remember. It surfaced in 2014 when PriDegree was declared digital. I found it very hard to do hard sketches, because it was time consuming and I had to go to work – working as a waiter that time. On top of that, I knew I had to practice digital illustrations, since I was aware that digital products are the final outcome, after seeing it at Am I Collective, and the school was not excelling in that department.

Our school provided a broad range of subjects with two main specialisations at the end; advertising or multimedia.

In the first year, after the pre-degree year, I was already aware of niching, after I learnt that from my first live meet up, SEOmoz Mozcation.

By second year, I had already strategized on what we are going to provide, and these would later become PriDegree main services and what we know them today as the four kingdoms: animation, web design, corproate identity and illustrations.

I had always decided on animation, since it will later allow me to realise BKDS animation. On top of that it also included web design which I learnt from Inkfish that it brought so much money, depending on how you structure your strategy.

Corporate identity, I learnt that it has always jobs for you, either a logo design or refurbishing one, or a business card or some other project that has to do with identity.

Illustrations is my love, it is a type of security as you can always write a story book and illustrate it.

This year, through my major project I had the opportunity to bring all these services together.

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