5 reasons why to charge enough for a logo


This week I was approached by a potential client, who wanted to me to design a logo for about a N$ 100 or less than N$ 300. I immediately told him that I do not design or charge as local design firms.  And that I would normally start from N$ 3500, for very small jobs. Local design firms normally charge N$ 100 to N$ 350 for a logo design.  Normally, this logo design comes as part of a package which includes a business cards, flyers, including printing. This trend has been around even before I came back to Namibia after school, in December 2015.


So, how does a logo cost?

Well, it depends on the designer. However, I have never designed for less than $200.


  1. A logo needs to be timeless

Nobody really knows how far a logo will go. This can be seen in the case of Carolyn Davidson, who designed the Nike Swoosh logo and was paid $ 35.00, back in 1971 (Brettman 2011). Although she was compensated, that was years ago, and long ago people think differently from those of today. Therefore, it is always safe to charge the true value of the logo as per work, time, skill and research put into the creation of the logo.




  1. A great logo requires extensive research

In order for you to design a great logo, that adheres to the five logo principles: simple, timeless, versatile, memorable (recognizable) and appropriate; you have to do extensive research. Research requires time and in-depth analysis, reasoning and informed conclusions. Although not always required for each logo, as some you just know exactly what the client wants, it is always safe to provide. The reason why some companies are end up being sued for logo similarity, as in the case of Pandora and Paypal is normally the lack of adequate research.

Nawadein Logo-01


  1. Revisions

It is not always that the three versions you provide to the client will be the chosen ones, or a combination of two. For my first winning logo, I had to make 24 changes, before the final was selected. During these changes time and expenses accrued.



  1. Additional expenses

When pricing a project, I try to always include all expenses including but not limited to phone calls, internet, additional time.

PriDegree Advert Cards37

  1. Time

Dedicated designers, spend more time on client briefs even beyond the working or billed hours. When we are eating, bathing, and even sleeping, we are thinking about your brief. We are not just concerned about creating a logo, but a practical solution that you could use for many years to come.









Brettman, A. (2011)  Creator of Nike’s famed Swoosh remembers its conception 40 years later. [Online] Available at:

http://www.oregonlive.com/business/index.ssf/2011/06/nikes_swoosh_brand_logo_hits_4.html [Accessed: 4 May 2018].

2 thoughts on “5 reasons why to charge enough for a logo

  1. Logo is everything which depicts all your business about and makes your business image in front of the audience so it should be designed in a very special way as you can research the designs and tools for making the unique logo or you can simply hire the specialists for designing the unique logo as they can assists you in a better way.

    1. Very true! And only a few designers can really design a great logo that not only brings out what your business is about but also conduct adequate research to ensure that your logo does not infringe on other businesses’ rights.

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