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World Water Day_FinalPoster-01

PriDegree Designs has yet again partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and various stakeholders, companies, and organizations to bring about the combined commemoration event World Wetlands Day,  International Day of Forests and World Water Day.  PriDegree Designs contributed with the creation the branding awareness for the World Wetlands Day,  International Day of Forests and World Water Day.  According to Bennardo Santos,  “the light pale colours, specifically the orange represent climate change and the dry and weary conditions and the drought that came with it. The light green represents the remaining flora”.  The most challenging aspect of designing the poster was incorporating all the three days without having to make it too complicated and too clutter since the information provided was too much.

The event will be celebrated on the 15 March at the Oanob Dam NamWater Office Rehoboth, at 10 o’clock.

This year combined theme is  “Climate change affects wetlands, water and us – Leave no one behind”, which was taken from all the three days.

World Water Day posters
2019, World Wetlands Day, International Day of Forests and World Water Day printed posters


World Wetlands Day 2019 will be observed under the theme “Wetlands and Climate Change”. The theme “wetlands and climate change” was selected to raise public awareness of the values and benefits of wetlands. Degraded wetlands coupled with climate change, are the main contributors to many water-related disasters experienced around the world today. Devastating floods and drought are all made worse by shrinking floodplains, removal of wetlands vegetation as well as eroded soil.

Likewise, World Water Day will be celebrated under the theme “Leaving No One Behind”. World Water Day is a day to reflect on the importance of water in our daily lives and to focus the world’s attention on the increasing pressure exerted on the freshwater resources. The theme for World Water Day 2019 reminds the policymakers of those members of the public who still lack access to safe drinking water supplies. In Namibia, like anywhere in the world, water and wetlands are intertwined. Wetlands are the sources of water, and water is the source of wetlands. Climate change affects water resources, which affects us.


Similar, to last year’s commemoration, International Day of Forests will also be commemorated on the same day. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests (IDF) in 2012. The Day celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forests. On each International Day of Forests, countries are encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns. The 2019 IDF theme is “Forests and Education”. This theme is chosen to highlight how forests contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


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