From the Kingdom of Illustrations

  For the past few months, we, at PriDegree Designs Studio have been redefining the channels of our services to better cater for our clients and customers. Where, Bennardo Santos Designs has been rebranded as “The Kingdom of Illustrations”. Since the establishment of, more story writers have sign up for our services and we had to create … More From the Kingdom of Illustrations

Modeposmo – a design movement

A design movement that originated in Namibia, after Bennardo Santos, then the creative director of PriDegree Design Studio, wrote the manifesto in 2015. A design movement which is a hybrid of Modernism and Postmodernism, which emphasise on one of the grand narratives of modernism: “the absolute truth”. The Absolute Truth Modeposmo maintains that the Absolute … More Modeposmo – a design movement