From the Kingdom of illustrations: Detched a new subculture


Detched is a new subculture for all those who want to “detach” themselves from the stereotypes that define how we behave, dress, talk and mostly importantly express ourselves. Detched is a form of liberation from the stereotypical mindsets that bind our minds, thoughts, voices and feelings and freedom of expression. Be free, be you.

Detched promotes “authentic expression” the expression that you manifest when no one is watching. Like dancing in your room, singing when no one is listening, writing when no one will read it – doing the things that matter to you, because you love them and love doing them as they fulfil you. The essence of living!

The philosophy behind Detched is that of not apologising for who you are, what you want to be and who you aspire to be or what you feel, it emphasises on the notion that you have the right and are entitled to your own kind of freedom. Although, Detched does not support deliberating hurting others.


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