PriDegree Kingdoms

PriDegree Design is always finding new ways to solve your problems and provide you with the best design solution be it digital or printed. In July PriDegree introduced the PriDegree Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Animation, the Kingdom of Web Design, the Kingdom of Corporate Identity and the Kingdom of Illustrations. The different Kingdoms will still … More PriDegree Kingdoms

Namibia a new identity: The NATION OF LETTERS

After 25 years of independence it is time to proclaim the real identity of Namibia. A unbelievably peaceful and clean country, with breathtaking scenery and magnificent landscapes, Namibia has finally turned 25 years old. The name derived from the Namib Desert, Namibia embodies the uniqueness of the Namib Desert’s miraculous life support from the fog … More Namibia a new identity: The NATION OF LETTERS