Google Doodles

For Drawing 3 brief 2 we were expected to design Google Doodles for a South African Holiday. One of my concept was the Knysna Oyster Festival. This year, the Oyster Festival will take place on the 3 to 12 July 2015.

Sony 2000 advert

For the second brief of 3D animation we were required to design and produce a television advertisement for a piece of technology that we wanted in the year 2000. The advertisement will be run in South Africa only, therefore we could define our target market within the borders of South Africa. We were expected to … More Sony 2000 advert

Namibia a new identity: The NATION OF LETTERS

After 25 years of independence it is time to proclaim the real identity of Namibia. A unbelievably peaceful and clean country, with breathtaking scenery and magnificent landscapes, Namibia has finally turned 25 years old. The name derived from the Namib Desert, Namibia embodies the uniqueness of the Namib Desert’s miraculous life support from the fog … More Namibia a new identity: The NATION OF LETTERS

Come join us

  Cape Town SRC have finally done it. The posters look great and attractive. In celebration of the Cape Town 2014 the new SRC want to give back something to the learners. So they organised a social for learners to enjoy themselves just before the second semester mid break.